infinite ripple

While taking a walk by the lake, I come across a secluded dock and find a bench.  The air 91351308_10158192863606948_964620809681240064_nis still and the only sound I hear is the gentle lapping of water against the hulls of secured boats and songbirds in the distance.  I plant my feet flat onto the dock and hands at my side. I close my eyes and rest a moment in the solitude.

Body scan.

I tune my awareness toward my physical body . Where am I feeling tension, uneasiness, pain?  I find tightness in my lower back. I breath in through my nose as deeply as possible, feeling my chest expand to its full capacity.  I send the healing prana of inhalation to my back and hold. Slowly I release the air through my mouth. I repeat this two more times until my muscles let go of their contracted state.  My lower back loosens and my body surrenders.  

I scan my mental body, then my spiritual body.  Where am I sensing blocks? Distractions? I lovingly breathe into these energetic areas to comfort, embrace, and spring new life.  

I am now entering an altered state of consciousness.  I am unable to ascertain where the border of my skin ends and the air around me begins.  I’m one with the atmosphere. I focus on my breath which has now resumed at my typical pace, slipping into bliss.  

I feel myself dissolve into a silver mist as I rise above the bench and float out above the tranquil waters.  I feel a breeze, I’m smiling and even feel tears of gratitude welling up. I’m floating above the water and feel vapors of life-giving and rejuvenating powers.

A radiant crystalline white beam of light breaks through the clouds above me and shines directly on me like a divine spotlight.  I feel the blanket of warmth and recognize that this light is for me. I bask in the sheer ecstasy of this light for a few moments.  I sense a desire to share this powerful, wonderful light with the rest of the world.

I then see a soft red orb of vibrating energy forming in the sky near the center of the cloudbreak.  It begins to float down toward me. I know in my being that this is unconditional love. My soul beckons for it and I feel myself quiver in longing.  The orb reaches me and fills every molecule of my body with the strongest love I’ve ever felt.  

The orb and I dip into the lake to create a massive circular ripple of red light that flows out in all directions.  The ripple spreads in waves throughout the earth, covering every inch with love.  

I see a green orb of light forming in the cloudbreak that I recognize as abundance.  It floats down and wraps around me like a security blanket. Together, we create another enormous ripple that permeates the globe in a steady, determined wave. 

An orange orb is next.  The vibrations of this orb seem faster as if they are on a mission.  It is healing. My emotions surge as visions of disease flash in my mind from the far corners of the earth.  The orange light enters through my heart space and flows into my body through my veins. We dip into the lake and send a ripple of health and immunity.  

Blue is next and I know it is peace.  The blue orb covers me as if thick liquid was being poured over my head.  I’m completely content, full of faith and hope. We create a ripple that more resembles a deep whirlpool of tsunami force flooding.  Peace saturates the soil of the planet and seeps all the way to the core.

I see a vision of the Earth suspended in space, an illuminated sphere of endless red, green, orange and blue ripples of light.  Now its own orb, the brilliant sphere splashes into an astral lake, creating an enormous ripple of pure golden white light that is sent throughout the infinite Universe.  Love, abundance, healing, and peace.  

I begin breathing in the golden white light, feeling it coat my insides like a thick honey.  Bringing awareness to my breathing, I feel it in the core of my soul.  

Questions arise.  Where in my life can I show more unconditional love?  A certain person immediately comes to mind and I cover them with the golden light.  Where is there abundance needed? A coworker appears in my mind’s eye and cover them and their family with the golden light.  How about healing? A vision comes to me of the peopl e all over the world affected by the Corona virus and I send healing beams of golden light that permeates every cell of their bodies.  Where could there be more peace? I see a fear, shaped as a dark shadow appear before me and I recognize it as my own loneliness. I shine golden light toward the shadow, and it transmutes into a beautiful figure who walks toward me with open arms.  I feel the sensation of a deep hug. I remain still and silent and allow all of this to resonate.

After several long deep breaths, I begin to feel the pressure of the bench against my legs, my hands at my side, my feet planted on the dock.  I’m slowly returning to myself. I open my eyes. I smile and whisper Namaste

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