meditation: waterfall of blessings

My rendition of a waterfall of blessings.

Walking through the woods, my mind feels dense as I consider the loved ones in my life and how I can bring the best and highest blessings to them.  How can I be of service, especially in this time of distance. I come across a swift-moving stream and sit on a near-by fallen tree.

Closing my eyes, I tune my awareness inward to scan my physical body . Where am I feeling tension, uneasiness, pain?  I feel a heaviness in my chest; the familiar sensation of anxiety. Breathing in through my nose as deeply as possible, my chest expands to its full capacity.   I hold in the air, sending it to my chest and lungs. Slowly I release through my mouth. I repeat this two more times until I can breathe normally and my chest feels light.  

I scan my mental body, then my spiritual body.  Where am I sensing any blocks that would inhibit relaxation? Are there distractions that need to be let go? I lovingly breathe into these energetic areas a comforting embrace.  There is no judgement of interrupting thoughts, only loving awareness of them and a gentle return to my breath.    

I am now entering an altered state of consciousness.  Every muscle of my body relaxes into the log as I become one with the atmosphere.  I focus on my breath which has now resumed at my typical pace, slipping into bliss.  

The sound of the nearby stream invokes an image of a waterfall cascading from the heavens.  I approach the falls in awe and observe a crystal clear pool collecting at the bottom and then flowing downstream with a seemingly purposeful mission.  The pool is surrounded by lush foliage; an oasis.  

I see a cave etched into the rock behind the falling waters and make my way into it.  I smell the earthiness of the dirt underneath me and the enclosure of wet rock. I feel the intermittent warm mist on my face.  I hear the roar of the mighty water splashing into the pool below. I sense the presence of something more than myself.

I walk forward, outstretching my hands into the water to feel the slight sting of the pressure.  I pause to appreciate the magnificence of creation. Moving closer, I am standing directly under the path of the water.  I feel the cascades cover me from the top of my head down to my shoulders, arms, torso, legs, and feet. It feels like the warm coating of milk and honey.  I feel safe, stable, cleansed, healed.  

Every cell of my physical body begins to feel fluid as my bones dissolve into the waterfall.  I am the water. I revel in the feeling of being a life-giving source for all beings of the earth.  I fall in love with the knowledge that I am powerful enough to carve the great canyons yet gentle enough to moisten the tiny leaves of a sapling.  I’m pressed in my heart to share this power; how can I bless my loved ones?  

I feel my being-ness plunge into the tranquil pool below, pausing momentarily to bask in the stillness.  I begin moving downstream as this infinite and divine river. Soon the images of some of my loved ones begin to materialize on the banks downstream.  Behind each one is a large plot of land that I recognize as their individual gardens.  

Moving closer, I see an image of my momma first, her garden outstretched behind her.  I instinctively rush to the earth of her garden feeling an amplification of love, gratitude and service.  I see myself following the curvatures of the roots below and suddenly burst forth from the ground. I see an intricate and majestic indigo plant sprout thriving vines and leaves that come to fruition in seconds.  The word “Health” appears within the foliage. 

I return to the earth as nutrient-rich water and spring forth again as a crystalline blue tree that erupts from her garden very tall, having the most magnificent branch structure and full leaves shaped like orbs.  The word “Protection” appears in the bark of the tree as it wraps around my mother in a loving and secure hug.   

Returning to the river, I continue to visualize people from my family, friend circle, spiritual brothers and sisters, co-workers.  I flow into each garden and see various plants, shrubs, flowers and trees form before my eyes and anxiously await the word that appears.  I feel overwhelmed by emotion, sensing tears running down my physical cheeks. This is how I can be used right here and right now to send blessings to the world.  

Awareness is slowly returning to my physical body.  The sensation of the fallen tree underneath and the slight breeze brushing my arms remind me of where I am.  I recount everyone that I saw on the river bank and revisit their garden in my mind. Who else could I visit next time?  Were there people who showed up unexpectedly and why might that be? Are there blessings that I have overlooked? Were there words that appeared in individual gardens that come as a surprise?  What actions could I take in this 3D world to add to their blessings?     

Feeling gratitude that I found a way to be of service, I smile at the sun and whisper Namaste.

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