going out on a high note

You know how it feels when one of your favorite TV shows has peaked and begins to get desperate for story-lines? It can be so disappointing when the last few seasons feel forced, contrived or boring. If only the producers could recognize that we want to remember the show as it was when it was at its best; that it we want it to go out on a high note.

My time in quarantine brought so many gifts into my life, so many epiphanies. One of which was that I am finished writing for this blog. I’ve said what I needed to say. I told my story of active addiction; what got me there, how I survived, and how I am thriving today.

It isn’t a popular opinion among AA and NA’ers but I don’t identify as an addict any longer. It is part of my past that has enriched and informed my present, but there is no longer a need to relive the memories. I’ve moved forward, ascended, and now I have a new message, a new voice, a new purpose.

As that new thing develops, this one is put to rest. I will always keep this domain live, though, because I believe the messages that lie within transcend time and will always be relevant to someone. And to some degree, the messages will always be relevant to me.

I look forward to sharing with you my next chapter. Love and blessings.


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